How do I send invites to our employees?

The Winningtemp platform isn't much fun without the users, so here's how to send invites to your colleagues. Sending invites to users are usually done after the onboarding phase and all the users has been uploaded. 

The employees will receive an email with the invitation where they can activate their own accounts and create their own passwords. The system administrator is the one sending out the invites.

Personalize the invitation 

Before you send out invitations to the company, head on over to the invitations template if you want to personalize the message to your employees.

Send out the invitations

  1. Go to the Admin view in Winningtemp.
  2. Click Administration.
  3. Click User directory.
  4. Click Invite users.


  5. Decide if you want to send the invitation either to everyone who's not signed in before and haven't received the invite or the ones who perhaps needs another reminder. 

  6. Click Yes, send invitation


2022-11-08 - Added personalisation section 
2020-09-21 - Changed initial text and added more details to instructions with additional screenshots

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