What are Insights?

When you have gathered temperature data in Winningtemp it can sometimes be challenging to focus on the right thing. Insights are visible for managers in the admin view, to pinpoint valuable data and make it understandable. 

Three different types of insights


Strengths are Insights into what is going well in the organisation. Take a look at the insights card and remember to bring these up in meetings to highlight good progress and your strengths.

Insight positive autonomy + background.png


Improvements are Insights into where some work needs to be done to increase the temperature. Insights might be e.g. bullying and discrimination. 

Insight negative discrimination + Background.png

Predictions (Act feature):

Here you will find predictions regarding turnover in the organisation. The system might have picked up that a user has answered negatively on stress for a long time, which might result in attrition if left unattended.  Insight - turnover ++ background.png


The users' anonymity is always highly protected, and no insight can point out any specific individual.

2021-11-05 - Restructured article and added clarification text on the insights.

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