What is Praise?

Why use praise?

Sending positive messages to a colleague is a fun way to say thanks to someone that helped you add the perfect pivot table to your latest Excel project. It's also a perfect start for networking with a new colleague you just met by the coffee machine this morning.

Praise is also a good way to make your colleagues feel appreciated and seen in a working-from-home environment. With praise, your organization comes to life! 

You can send praise containing already created value templates, or your system administrator can add your custom organizational values. When you send praise to someone, they get a notification and can see the values you picked as well as the comment. 



The live feed

You can decide if you want the praises in your organization displayed in a live feed on the overview page. The live feed is a great feature if you want to encourage more people to join in on the fun! Here other people can interact with the praise by agreeing (liking) or adding comments on the praise. 




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