Anonymisation of comments

Important: All comments are always anonymous and usernames will never be visible to a manager.

Working with comments is a great way to get insights about your team and their performance, but it's also crucial to always consider user privacy. Therefore, the text explaining which group the comment came from will be anonymised in certain scenarios. Anonymised comments (hidden) will be visible, but only for the system administrator, at the highest point in the organizational hierarchy. Anonymisation can mean different things in different scenarios, so let's get to the bottom of it.

Three scenarios where the group affiliation will be anonymised:

1. The group doesn't meet the requirements for anonymity

Winningtemp anonymises the group affiliation from the manager if the group hasn't met the anonymity requirements. This means that, as standard, at least five unique users in the group have to respond to the survey mailing before a comment is visible. If there are just one, or two users, it could otherwise be easy for the manager to guess who the user is. 

If your company wants to change the anonymity requirement, a System administrator can do it here: Settings page.

2. The user has no group 

We anonymise the group affiliation for managers if the user isn't part of a group. The comment will be visible at the highest point in the organizational hierarchy, but only for the system administrator. To resolve this scenario, add the user to a group and the comments will be visible in the correct group. Keep in mind that the group needs to meet the requirements for anonymity mentioned in section 1.

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3. The user is part of multiple groups that all show results (meets the anonymisation requirements) 

This situation adds a bit more complexity. Let's look at an example:

  • Mats works in Sweden and Norway.
  • Sara works in Sweden and Denmark.
  • Peter, Amanda, and Olivia work in Sweden.
  • If Mats writes a comment on a temperature mailing, it would normally say that it's from a user from Sweden and Norway. This is something we want to avoid.

With that information, it could become easier for the group manager to figure out who the user is since he/she knows that it's a user who works with both these groups. In reality, it could be that Mats is the only one working like that.

How do we solve Mats scenario? 

To resolve this, Winningtemp anonymises all group affiliations when users are in two or more groups that all show results (meets the requirements for anonymisation). In this case, it means that Mats comment will only include the comment and not the group affiliation.


Talk to your Customer Success Manager if you'd like guidance on how to structure the organizational hierarchy to best handle this situation. 

Good to know

  • Comments are always anonymous, as long as you don't write anything identifiable in the comment itself.
  • It is not possible to reverse the anonymisation on a later occasion if the comment at one point has been anonymised. 

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