What is Whistleblowing?

Note: The whistleblower functionality is not an all-in-one Whistleblower function covering all the requirements from the European Union. Bear in mind that you need to have other processes set up internally in addition to this feature. Make sure to follow the regulations in your region. 

The European Union has initiated regulations about what kind of protection a “Whistleblower” should have. This means that every company with more than 50 employees need a process for managing whistleblowing reports. Most companies want to ensure the anonymity of the reporter, but they still need to be able to contact the person for details and further information. Winningtemp gives companies both a Whistleblower functionality and a way to anonymously communicate with the person sending the report.

What is it?

The Whistleblower feature can be used by anyone at the company to anonymously reveal information or activities that might be deemed as unsafe, fraudulent, or illegal. In short, it's a feature that gives all the employees a method to anonymously speak their minds about sensitive matters. 


How does it work?

Start by selecting a responsible user for the Whistleblower reports. When a user sends a report using the “Whistleblow" button the responsible user receives an email and notification. The responsible user can start an anonymous conversation with the Whistleblower to acknowledge the report and gather more information. 

Is this feature fully compliant with the EU regulations?

No. It gives the users an anonymous way to report an issue, but you still need to set up internal processes mentioned in the regulations below. It's up to you as a company to ensure you are fully compliant.

How to set up the Whistleblower feature

Configure and use the Whistleblower feature

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