Set up an Offboarding survey

Note: Offboarding surveys are only available for System administrators using our Expand package. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to know more about the Expand package.

We built or Offboarding survey with ease in mind. That means, pick the template, and we will automatically help you out with ready-made questions and recommended settings. When selecting the Offboarding survey, the system will auto-populate the fields with settings (see table below) and add our researched-based offboarding questions. 


Set up an Offboarding survey

  1. In the Admin view, click Survey
  2. Go to Custom Survey and click Create survey 
  3. In the slide-out, select Employee Offboarding
  4. Click Next.



Our recommended settings

Setting Recommendation
Survey name Offboarding-survey
Survey type Interval
Frequency  Weekly
Weekday Fridays
Start date Next workday
End date None
Only send the survey once per recipient Enabled
Our onboarding questions  All available questions


When you set up the survey with our recommended settings, all resigned users with less than one month left will receive the offboarding survey. The system sends out all the questions at the same time and makes sure that each user only receives the survey once. 

If you want to use our recommended settings, click through the steps and launch the survey.


If you want to modify the survey settings

How do I create a custom survey?


It says 0 users currently matching the selected recipients

No need to worry, the system is smart and will check weekly before sending out the survey if anyone has less than a month left at the company. If you don't have any resigned users right now, it will display 0 users, which is completely normal. 


Where can I see the temperature?

Once you've set up the survey, remember to add it to the overview page to be able to see the results. Follow: Change content in the Overview


What about anonymity?


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