How to customize the standard questions

Customise a question

  1. Go to the Admin view
  2. Click Survey
  3. Click Question categories
  4. Here you'll find all the different question categories, and you can edit a question by opening the category and clicking on it
  5. When you open a question, you can see and edit the different translations for the question. Remember that changes made to a question translation will apply to all standard surveys using that question (With the Expand package)
  6. Click Save when you are done.

Customized questions do not contribute to Winningtemp indexes. You can always restore the original question via the Restore button.



Activate or deactivate a question

You can activate or deactivate the different questions that you want to include or exclude from the standard question rotation. 

Turning off multiple questions or entire categories can affect how our AI sends out questions. Please consult your Customer Success Manager for further guidance if you want to turn off questions.


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