How to set up multiple surveys

Note: Only system administrators and the support role can set up multiple surveys

What are Multiple surveys?

What are Multiple surveys?

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This is a feature included in our Expand package. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you want to know more about the Expand package. 

How to set up multiple surveys

  1. Switch to the Admin view
  2. Click Survey and Standard survey
  3. Click Create survey
  4. Follow the steps below

Step 1 - General settings


Start off by selecting a/the:

Survey name The Survey name is the name of the survey itself, and a way for you to differentiate standard surveys from each other in the standard survey tab.  
Survey company name The Survey company name can be used if you want a specific company/department name in your questions, other than your company name. The survey company name is what your users will see in the question when answering the survey.
Read more: How to add a survey company name to a standard survey
Start date The first mailing date for your survey
Frequency The frequency of this survey
Mailing Weekday The weekday your employees receive the survey


If you use our Onboarding survey for new hires, you can delay the standard mailing. Read more: What is an Onboarding survey?

Based on the settings you've selected, the system will provide a recommended survey length.

Click Next when you are done. 

Step 2 - Add questions


Now it’s time to select the questions you want to include in this standard survey. You can select questions from one or several categories. Toggle the questions you want to include.
Edit the question translations by clicking on a question. Important: If you modify a question translation, it will automatically change the question translation in all other surveys using that question.

In this step, you can also add custom questions to your survey. If you only want specific groups or segments within your recipients to receive a question category, click "Specify recipients". If you specify a group/recipient for a custom question category, the same group needs to be added as recipient in the Recipients' step.

When you are done, click Next.

Step 3 - Recipients 


When selecting recipients for your survey, you can select the whole organisation, specific groups and/or segments. Remember that if you select multiple groups or segments, users in any of the selected groups or segments will receive the survey.
If you'd like to avoid survey fatigue, you can choose to exclude the groups you have selected from any other Standard Survey. Thus, these groups will only receive this standard survey and will be removed as recipients from the rest (this feature is coming later)

Click Next.

Step 4 - Subject line


To make your mailing more personal, you can write your own subject line or use the pre-filled suggestions. Another option is to use the first question in the survey as the subject line. You can also add any translation needed in your organisation. 

For more info, follow: How can I make the subject line more personal?

Click Next.


Step 5 - Summary 


Now you’re almost done, and we've reached the summary page! Just make sure to double-check the summary before launching your survey.
Not ready to launch just yet? No worries, you can save the survey as a draft at any time, and also send a test email to selected users to make sure everything looks according to plan.
When you are ready, click Launch survey.

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