What is SMART index?

By measuring the SMART index, managers receive indications of risk for staff turnover in their group. This is based on research into how inclined employees are to leave their current employment.

What distinguishes these particular categories as proximal is that they are factors that either make employees want to stay in their workplace or leave it. They are all factors from research that is so important for the well-being of the employee that if the values are low in these matters, it might result in resignation.

A low value in the SMART index thus shows that the organization risks losing employees. A high value indicates instead the opposite and is a grateful measure and confirmation that the employees enjoy themselves and do not think about changing employers.

Winningtemp measures the temperature based on nine research-validated question categories. According to the research from Gothenburg University, these can in turn be divided into distal and proximal factors.

The proximal factors are measured in the categories:

  • Participation
  • Team spirit
  • Commitment
  • Job satisfaction 


Pro feature

SMART-index is included in our Act package. Want more information about the feature? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager!

How to activate this feature

System administrators enable the SMART index by accessing Settings > Temperature > SMART index > and ticking the box for turnover

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