How do Widgets work?

What are Widgets?

Widgets can be used to display the Winningtemp temperature on any page, such as an intranet or a public page. The temperature data in the widget is always based on the entire organization's temperature for the last 30 days. Keep in mind that it's not possible to create widgets for specific groups.


Widgets can be generated for:

  • The overall temperature
  • Core values
    • Leadership
    • Job satisfaction
    • Meaningfulness
    • Autonomy
    • Work situation
    • Participation
    • Personal development
    • Team spirit
    • Commitment
  • Categories created by the organization

If more detailed data is desired, please look at our Temperature API.
Read more: What is the Winningtemp API?

Generate widget scripts

Go to Settings > Apps > Widgets. Activate Widgets, choose the size of the widget, and which category you wish to present.


  • eNPS is currently not available
  • Unfortunately, the new Sharepoint does not support the kind of script that our widget module creates

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