2023/03/15 - New science based survey questions added! 🤩

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The world of work has seen unprecedented changes in the last couple of years!🌎

Organisational leaders have been surprised by the resilience shown by the workforce during the pandemic. The sudden shift to remote work did not hurt performance as many leaders had feared, and many employees excelled in remote settings. But as time passed, new struggles with mental health and impact on employees’ well-being surfaced. New challenges continue to be faced by organisations – hybrid working models, budget cuts, poor economic outlook, scarce and expensive talent, to name a few. ​

💡 This got us asking ourselves if our surveys are keeping pace with these challenges and changes? How can we help our customers to keep their people engaged and prioritised to help their businesses sail through these challenging times? ​

With our vision of helping our customers to succeed together, we identified a need to develop new question scales that are validated in research literature to cover the concepts of:

  • Psychological safety
  • Transparency
  • Person-job fit
  • Crossfunctional collaboration
  • Subjective well-being

We have yet again worked in collaboration with Leif Denti, P.h.D (Innovation Leadership and Management) at the University of Gothenburg. He has now completed the project of defining these concepts and anchoring them in research literature 📚

📍 Learn more in our Help center

Curious about the expected outcomes from measuring our supplemental categories? Read this blog by our People Scientist, Rahat Joshi to learn more.


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