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Who can create a user?

System Administrators, Admins, Support, Managers

Who is this article for?

System Administrators

About the user💡

The user cannot be assigned and is automatically added when creating a user. A user can typically view the temperature for their team, although this may vary depending on your system setup. A user cannot make any settings changes except for those on their account.

Who is the User?

In Winningtemp, every employee has a user account, providing them with access to the platform's features and functionalities.

What can the User do?

Since the User is customizable the permissions mentioned below depend on the setup of the user in your system. Below are the default permissions and visibility for the user (can also vary depending on your Winningtemp plan)

  • View the Temperature dashboard
    • Vote on Focus areas
  • View Individual insights
  • View and create Follow-ups 
  • View and participate in Guided temperature meetings
  • View and send Praise 
  • View and create Individual Actions
  • View and edit My profile 

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