A guide to temperature meetings

What happens if a user keeps answering the surveys in Winningtemp every single week, month after month, but never gets any update or follow-up? Well, they'd stop answering.

Following up is important. Actually, crucial if you want to keep a high response rate.
But how do you give feedback if you don't know what to say?

Winningtemp has created a shortcut for you! In the overview, you will find the button "Generate summary" to the far right.


Choose the time period and what content you want to export.

Note: Be careful when you share the report with your team and select Insights when exporting - you can end up exporting sensitive information.


Here's an example of how the document could look like:



Host a temperature meeting

  • Take 10-15 minutes of your monthly team meeting to talk about the temperature and what it implies.  
  • Focus on the most positive trend and the most negative trend since last month (displayed in the report)
  • Encourage discussions by asking "What can we do differently to be able to answer more positively the following month?" Instead of general topics, select specific questions within the report. (sometimes, to keep anonymity, this exercise requires that you as a leader leaves the room)
  • This way you put the responsibility for the temperature and the actions in your group at a team level. 
  • Show the total temperature and all categories to give a full overview of your well-being.



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