What's the Category Dashboard?

The brand-new Category dashboard is a great new addition to the already powerful temperature page. By clicking on one of the temperatures, you'll find all the information you need in one place. With the added ability to take action on the focus areas, the functionality takes a big leap forward!

Let's take a look at what you can see and do from the new category dashboard.


In the category dashboard, you'll see a summary of the category temperature and if you want more information, you can hover over the different smileys to see the answer distribution.



Welcome to the category helper. The highlight section is a brilliant feature that helps you focus on what's important. It automatically highlights anything that requires your attention and keeps it all in one place. If an ongoing action requires your attention or if a question has a negative trend, the highlights section displays it front and center for you.




If you are curious about how the temperature looked like last month, you can get a quick view of previous data in the history section.



Focus Areas

In the Focus Area section, Winningtemp displays the questions in the selected category ordered by importance, prioritizing those with the highest negative trend. The goal is to help you focus on the areas that matter the most when improved and which can have a high impact on the category score.

With the new voting feature, your team can participate more actively and anonymously in deciding which focus areas they think are most important and where they should pay more attention. A great way to involve everyone, increasing participation and transparency within the team, with the aim of improving the temperature and well-being inside the group.

Once the voting is done, or you've identified a focus area, you can use the Create Action shortcut ("plus icon" under "Actions") to create your own actions and start working on the desired area.




Wouldn't it be great if you could get some help with suggestions when trying to take action on a focus area? Winningtemp has your back and uses smart technology to suggest actions that you easily can click to start building your very own action plan. Just click on the plus sign next to one of the suggested actions or Create Action to start working towards better results. 



Ongoing Actions

As you've probably already noticed, the category dashboard is all about actions, and to make it easy for team members to visualize the ongoing actions we've created the ongoing actions section. The ongoing actions section shows a summary of all public actions together with your own private actions. You'll be able to see:

  • The ongoing category actions
  • The users who are involved in the action plan or for a single task
  • The progress of the action
  • The score variation (how this action might have impacted the respective focus area)
  • The due date



Get started

Head on over to the temperature tab and click on a category temperature to start your brand new Winningtemp experience. 



Whenever you find this little button, click on it to go to each of the different sections' main tabs. Thus saving you lots of time when navigating Winningtemp.



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