What is an Engagement Report?

The Engagement Report

It's important to focus on the "now" but we also believe it's vital to take time to reflect on the past. To help you with that, you can generate an Engagement report. It comes in a PowerPoint (PPT) format for you to download and just start presenting. Super easy! The Engagement report focuses on 12 months of data and displays all the information you need, in one place. A perfect start for "yearly review" meetings. 

The power of PowerPoint

With the convenient PowerPoint format, you can either use the presentation as it is (it's great, we promise!) or copy the graphs into your own presentations as you please. 



Select 3-9 groups and a month, quarter or year as the starting point for your report. Our vision for the Engagement report is that presentations for annual meetings shouldn't be a hassle to prepare. With Winningtemp you just click a button, select parameters, and you are ready to go. 

Note: The Engagement report is an annual report and focuses on 12 months periods.

Which type of data is included in the report?

  • How Winningtemp works
  • The overall temperature
  • Aggregated category temperatures
  • Monthly view of category temperatures
  • eNPS score
  • How many of our employees are responding?
  • And much much more


Sample slides

Below are a few slide examples of what the presentation looks like. Generate your own report to see all 25 slides with your own data. 



Presenter notes

And if that wasn't enough, we've added presenter notes for each slide. Make sure you click Show presenter notes in PowerPoint for more information about the type of data that's available on the slide.

Get started!

Generate an Engagement Report

Expand feature

This is a feature included in our Expand package. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you want to know more about the Expand package. 

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