Add your own company logo to Winningtemp


You can only use a custom logo if you've activated our new design. Switch to the new design at the bottom of the page, or in your profile in the top right corner to see the options mentioned below.

Add your own company logo and personalize Winningtemp for your users. The logo will be visible together with the Winningtemp logo in selected places in Winningtemp (see details below).

Note: Only System administrators can upload a company logo.


Where will the logo be visible?

The logo will be visible in the following places in Winningtemp 👇🏻

  • In the surveys
  • In the PDF summary 
  • In the Engagement report
  • On the left side menu when opening Winningtemp in a browser
  • In any emails generated from Winningtemp.


Which image formats are supported? 

The image should be in PNG or JPG format, with at least 60px in height


Get started!

  1. Open Winningtemp and click Switch to Admin view
  2. Click Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Upload logo section
  4. Click on the browse button to upload your logo or drag and drop an image on the box itself
  5. Click Preview to see how the logo will look in Winningtemp
  6. Click on the right arrow for more examples
  7. Once you've uploaded a logo that you are happy with, click Save.



Good to know

  • The logo will be displayed on white background
  • We recommend that you use a horizontal logo to ensure a good fit in Winningtemp.


2022-12-19 - Article created

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