Use a custom email domain

With a custom email domain, you can replace the default ( with a company email, and ensure a cohesive and personalised experience throughout your communication with the employees.
As certain steps in this guide involve configuring DNS, we recommend seeking assistance from your internal IT department during the set-up process.
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Which plan?

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Who has access?

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Getting started

  1. Switch to the Admin View.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Mailing.
  4. Under "Add Custom Email" add your email and press Create. You will see a new status: Pending.*
  5. The DNS Record will be available for you to view in a table and download as a .xlsx file.
  6. Copy or download the DNS records and provide them to the designated individual within your organization who is responsible for DNS configuration. For technical steps follow: Configure DNS records for custom email domain.
    Important! The process can take up to 72 hours from when you have completed the DNS Configuration.
  7. Once the DNS configuration is complete, you will be able to view a new Status: Ready. Everything is now ready for you to activate your custom email domain.
  8. Before activating, you have the option to send a test email to the email address you choose. Click Send Test Email (Optional). 
  9. Activate the Custom Email Domain, using the toggle Enable custom email. Once completed, you will see a new status: Live.
  10. You can at any time in the process use the Reset button if you wish to cancel the process and go back to the Winningtemp default domain ( If so, click Reset (Optional). 
*Note: Adding an email won't take effect immediately, it requires some configuration on your side before it starts working.
If your organization has an SSO integration. Make sure the new emails are supported by your SSO.

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