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Welcome to Winningtemp! This guide will assist System Administrators in getting started with the platform. Let's begin!


Step 1 - What is Winningtemp?


Winningtemp was born from a simple idea. If we can combine research on successful personnel management and leadership with an intelligent platform that helps leaders apply this knowledge in their organizations, we can make a real difference. That's been our focus ever since.
Winningtemp provides you with the tools to gauge how your employees are feeling, increase their engagement, and make measurable performance improvements.

In the video below, you can see how Winningtemp can assist you!

What are the benefits of using Winningtemp?

Step 3 - Practical details


Prevent surveys from being caught in spam filters by whitelisting the email domains listed below. In some cases, our IP address also needs to be whitelisted to access the website itself. This process can be facilitated with the assistance of your internal IT manager.

Please contact your IT manager to whitelist the following domains and IP addresses:




Time to log in to Winningtemp!

After the whitelisting process is complete, it's time to log in to Winningtemp. Here's how: 

  1. In your email, you've received an invitation to Winningtemp. Click on Get Started and follow the onscreen instructions
  2. Once logged in, click on Switch to Admin view and proceed to the next step


Step 3 - Configurations

Customize Winningtemp to fit your needs

Winningtemp is a flexible tool, and when it comes to settings and features, it's up to each company to configure our functionality according to your needs. Of course, you choose which features are suitable for your company, but we recommend using the settings/features listed below to get the most out of Winningtemp.

Start by opening Settings and familiarizing yourself with the available settings in Winningtemp.

Setting Information Link
"Use Praise"

Sending praise to your colleagues is a fun and interactive way to foster a positive feedback culture in your company.

Moreover, you can track and measure the number of praises sent within the company.

Go here:
Admin view > Settings > System > Praise

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"Integrate with Slack"  The Slack integration sends out a link to the survey so that your employees can easily click on the link and quickly access the survey. It's important to note that it needs to be an open Slack channel.

Go here:
Admin view > Settings > Apps > Slack

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"Allow Managers to edit users and add other Managers in their groups." You can specify whether you want managers to have the ability to edit users in groups or if it can only be done by System Administrators.

Go here:
Admin view > Settings > System > General

"Allow employees to edit information about birthday, gender identity, start date" To link these user attributes to the correct column in the import file (see step 4 in this guide), it's important to enable this function.

Go here:
Admin view > Settings > System > General

"The minimum number of users for presentation of temperature"

If you have an anonymity level set to five, this means that at least five unique users in that group must respond to the questions for the company to be able to see the temperature for that group.

To ensure that your groups can display results it is recommended to have at least five users in each group. However, if you have many small groups, you can set a slightly lower anonymity level to ensure that more groups display results.

Go here:
Admin view > Settings > System > General

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"Use eNPS"

The eNPS question provides a good indication of what your employees think about the company. A good eNPS score can also be advantageous to showcase externally and for recruitment purposes.

The eNPS question is automatically sent out every fifth week

Go here:
Admin view > Settings > System > General

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"Use daily question"

The daily question is an excellent way to gather additional feedback from your employees.

Winningtemp takes into account whether an employee has answered more questions than their colleagues and adjusts the weighting of the response, ensuring that you always receive reliable data.

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Go here:
Admin view > Settings > System > General

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Steg 4 - Create users, groups and segments

Import users

It's now time to create users, groups, and segments. This is done by filling in an Excel document that is then imported into Winningtemp.

  1. Read me first - Group structure and segments, how does it work?
  2. Export employee user data from your HR system, payroll system, or personnel list
  3. Open Import Users to download the import file
  4. Then, copy your employees' information to the import file using the guides below

The import file

Part 1 - How to fill in the import file. Click on the image below 👇🏻


Part 2 - How to import the file. Click on the image below 👇🏻


More information 

What is a segment? - How to create Segments 
Do you need more licenses? - How to add licenses

Step 5 - Create the first survey

Create the first survey

It's time for the fun part, scheduling your first survey!

We recommend that you follow the recommendations provided in Winningtemp regarding the number of questions you should have per survey. By following these recommendations, you will receive an optimized survey.

  1. Get started: Create the first survey

More information


Step 6 - Inform the company

Inform the company about Winningtemp

Winningtemp is configured, users, groups, and segments are created, and your first survey is scheduled. Now it's time to inform managers and employees about what Winningtemp is so that everyone in the company can work towards the same goal, a better employee experience. An engaged and well-informed company is the key to high participation rates.

Educate the managers

In the Winningtemp Academy, you can find insightful and educational videos on how to use Winningtemp - Winningtemp Academy

Documents to share with employees and managers

You can also download and print the image with the QR code below. The printout can then be displayed in the office so that your employees can easily download and get started with the app.


Invite the employees

When the employees and managers have been informed about Winningtemp and what the goal of the tool is, it's time to invite them to join Winningtemp. In the invitation, they will receive instructions on how to log in and start using Winningtemp.

  1. Invite the employees - How do I send invites to our employees?
Step 7 - After the first survey

After the first survey

As soon as your employees start responding to the surveys, the data (temperature) will be displayed in real time. If you have followed the survey recommendations in Winningtemp, you should have enough reliable data to start analysing and working with the data after four to six weeks.

While waiting for temperature data, it's an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the following features in Winningtemp:


Have you encountered any issues?
You can find answers to most questions here in the Help Center, but if you need further assistance, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

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